Automatic Two Heads / Four Heads / Six Heads / Eight heads Vial Cap Sealing Machines
Technical Specifications
Number of Heads 4 Heads 6 Heads 8 Heads 12 Heads
Direction of movement Left to Right
Output / Hour 4500 to 9000 4800 to 15000 9000 to 18000 10000 to 30000
Electrical Rating 0.5 HP
(1400 RPM)
(1400 RPM)
Power Characteristics 440 volts, 3 Phase 50 Cycles/sec
Overall Dimensions
1375mm (L) x 765mm (W) x 1800mm (H) 1830mm (L) x
935mm (W) x
2030mm (H)
2135mm (L) x
935mm (W) x
2030mm (H)
Height of conveyor 800 to 850 mm
Input Specifications
Vial Diameter 16mm to 49mm
Vial Height 33mm to 105mm
Cap Diameter 13, 20 and 32mm (With the help of change parts)
Latest Products
Electrically Steam & Thermic Fluid Heated in which general structure, made out of mild steel & painted in standard model & made out of S.S 304 quality material & polished to.