Automatic Capsule Loaders And Manual Capsule Filling Machines
Output :
Fills 300-hole plate in 28 seconds. The loader can fill 2 or 3 manual capsule filling machine trays depending on the quality of the capsule and the skill of the operator
Manual Capsule Filling Machines
This is a most VERSATILE capsule filling machine, suitable for all classes of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. Additionally, it has also established its value in the R & D section of large scale Pharmaceutical Companies where it may be used for smaller batches, trial runs and as a standby. The equipment is simple to operate, and gives negligible rejections, with no weight variations.
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Electrically Steam & Thermic Fluid Heated in which general structure, made out of mild steel & painted in standard model & made out of S.S 304 quality material & polished to.